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Tuesday, February 10, 2015 12:30 pm

A Medication Reminder and More For Really, Really Busy People…Yes, That’s You!

Let’s face it, no one enjoys having to take medication. This is especially true when it is necessary to do so on a routine basis. In a word it can be simply… inconvenient. 
Not only is it difficult to deal with the hassle of obtaining the medication, but also it is a hassle to remember to take medication. The hassle-factor is further compounded when you add on multiple medications.

Layer this into a busy lifestyle and it’s no wonder most of us have difficulty staying on top of our medication schedules.

As Pharmacists, we know all too well the challenges that our patients face when it comes to medication adherence. For this reason we decided to develop a medication reminder app designed to help you succeed in managing your medication therapy.

Where do you AppaGrapha?

AppaGrapha helps you take your medication on time, track your adherence, document reasons for missed doses, provide access to medication summary, dosing history, and allergies. There’s even a place for you to enter notes. Bonus feature: accessing related resources to support your well-being is a snap!

We are all in this together. We know medications are frequently a reminder of our limitations. It can be very tempting to think we really don’t need to take medication all the time. Missed doses are often thought of as no big deal. This is especially true for medical conditions that are relatively ‘silent’ in their progression.
Good medication adherence= Good health outcomes.

Good medication adherence helps you to limit and possibly prevent the natural consequences of many diseases and medical conditions. When you take prescribed medication as instructed, on time, every time, you are more likely to realize positive health outcomes.

Making the effort to be adherent to medication therapy is not easy, but it is the way to prevent disease progression and in some cases produce a cure.

Maximizing your well-being is what it is all about. As pharmacists, we want to see you enjoying life and feeling as well as possible.

Check out AppaGrapha at and in Google Play Store. Coming soon in iOS.