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Friday, October 03, 2014 2:00 pm

Creating Magical Bonds Through Therapeutic Horsemanship

There is mystery and magic in the bonding that occurs between a horse and a rider with special needs.  It takes a special horse, one with a gentle disposition and even temperament, to be able to handle a rider who may be unsteady or struggling with cognitive limitations. Therapeutic Horsemanship is an effective means to cultivate this special bond by pairing the two and allowing the horse’s intuitive nature to guide the rider to new and rewarding experiences. Typically equestrian instructors work alongside the horse and the rider to ensure safety and teach proper handling skills. 
Creating Magical Bonds Through Therapeutic Horsemanship
Helping Hands and Hooves, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
Allowing riders to learn at their own pace and comfort level serves to increase confidence. For a person with autism, multiple sclerosis, physical, mental or emotional disabilities, having the opportunity to develop a relationship with a horse brings many additional benefits. It is a time for social interaction, physical engagement, emotional connection and personal growth. 
The lives of riders with special needs of all ages and experience, can be enriched by the benefits  attained through Therapeutic Horsemanship. With the mastering of each new skill, the rider can celebrate the achievement of a personal milestone. Each Therapeutic Horsemanship farm or ranch is unique. Services and settings will vary from site to site. Search AppaGrapha Resources for Therapeutic Horsemanship services near you using the AppaGrapha website tool or the AppaGrapha app.