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Improve your medication adherence and influence others to do the same with this innovative new medication management tool.

As pharmacists, we see one of the greatest challenges facing patients today is the ability to consistently take medication as prescribed, and successfully manage your health. Medication adherence plays an important role in keeping you healthy and productive, which decreases emergency room visits and hospitalizations. All of these things together improve quality of life, which is AppaGrapha’s goal.

AppaGrapha is intuitive, friendly and simple to use. We are pharmacists who know how important it is that reminders are flexible and discreet and that improving medication adherence increases overall wellness. AppaGrapha is a comprehensive app, incorporating five patient levels: reminder, feedback, context, summary, and related resources.



  • Intuitive interface
  • Accommodate complex dosing schedules
  • Flexible scheduling of your medication reminders
  • Quick and easy-to-use drug selection and scheduling options
  • Multiple snooze options—delay your reminder for 9 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours
  • Successfully record when you’ve taken your dose
  • Track the reason for skipping your medication
  • Document how you are feeling when you take your medication


  • Innovative analytics assist you in improving your medication adherence
  • Graphs, charts, and trending scores provide immediate feedback
  • Identify challenges through adherence assessments
  • Confidentially share your data with your healthcare provider or pharmacist


  • Available comparison functionality
  • Compare against a community of unidentified patients taking the same medication
  • Built-in motivational tool to beat the average and drive your adherence upwards


  • Convenient summary functionality
  • Summarize medications, allergies and notes
  • Generate an organized record of important information
  • Send via email, text or print your summary
  • Facilitate medication reconciliation or updates to health forms
  • Quickly enter notes and save for future referral

Related Resources

  • Locate and view a variety of health centric and patient focused services
  • Define your own geographic radius
  • Recommend resources that would benefit other patients like you
  • Look for regularly updated resources based on your recommendations