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Tuesday, September 23, 2014 10:00 am

Meet AppaGrapha, a Pharmacist-designed Medication Adherence App

As pharmacists with many years of patient care experience in a variety of pharmacy settings, including community pharmacy, hospital, long-term care, and specialty pharmacy, we understand the challenges that come with the diagnosis of a new medical condition requiring medication therapy. Whether short term or long term, the introduction of a medication therapy into ones’ life is an inconvenience necessity that many patients would prefer not to have to deal with. With today’s fast paced and very busy lifestyle, remembering to take medication is not always top of mind.

We are very excited to introduce to you, AppaGrapha, a smartphone or personal device app to assist you in remembering to take your medication on time, as prescribed.
Adding your medication schedule to AppaGrapha is quick and easy using the medication search or autocomplete functionality to select the desired medication, dosage form and strength.


AppaGrapha is more than a simple medication reminder. In addition to scheduling your medications, AppaGrapha allows you to monitor your adherence and general well being with clear, easy to follow graphs and charts. You may also, if you chose, compare your adherence to that of others taking the same medication. Want to know how you are doing? You can see your trending score at a glance each time you record a dose!

Additionally, AppaGrapha provides a medication summary, an allergy summary and a place for you to enter questions or notes to review with your healthcare provider or pharmacist. There is even a resource locator to assist you in finding activities and services specifically designed to meet your needs in managing your health and well being.



Check it out at, the google play store, and coming soon to iOS.
Let me know what you think!