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Thursday, November 13, 2014 11:00 am

Questions For The Pharmacist?

The state mandated offer to counsel, “Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?’, while not new, continues to remain an underutilized patient resource. Granted it may sound like a mere obligatory offer when you hear it repeated patient after patient at the pharmacy counter, but in reality it is so much more. Just ask any Pharmacist.

Questions for the Pharmacist
Conversations uncover issues
(Photo credit: Kathleen Kvilhaug)

We love to talk with our patients! You are the reason we do what we do on a daily basis. And just in case you are wondering…there are no foolish questions. I believe most of my colleagues would agree. 

I have also heard it put this way, “The only foolish question is the one not asked.”

So, next time the Pharmacy Technician brings you the medication you are at the pharmacy to pick up, or your mail order prescription arrives at your door, consider having a conversation with your pharmacist. This is particularly important if the medication is newly prescribed or you are feeling anxious for any reason.
Ask yourself, “What am I concerned about?”
• Do I know why this medication is being prescribed?
• Do I understand how it works and how it will help me?
• Do I know how best to take this medication?
• Do I understand what to do if I miss a dose?
• Do I know the symptoms of any serious side effects that I should watch for?
• Do I understand what I should do if I experience any side effects or symptoms of concern while taking this medication?
• Do I know who to talk to if I can’t afford my medication?
• Do I know what tools are available if I have difficulty remembering to take my medication?
I realize the pharmacy is a very busy place and from the other side of the counter it may seem like an intrusion or imposition to ask to speak to the Pharmacist. Many of us have been in your shoes and we understand this can be a bit intimidating. So…I’ll say it again…we love to talk with our patients!
The next time you are asked by the Pharmacy Technician if you have any questions for the Pharmacist, please ask yourself, “What am I concerned about?” Then ask to speak to the Pharmacist.
We look forward to answering your questions!