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Thursday, December 11, 2014 12:00 pm

There’s No Season Like Flu Season

The Holiday Season has arrived, along with its traditions of family gatherings, elegant foods, and festive social events. We look forward to visiting family and friends, both near and far, spending precious time together celebrating.

For many of us, travel is a large part of our Holiday plans. As we all know, during travel, we are most vulnerable to exposure to a variety of illness-causing viruses and bacteria. Busy, crowded airports, train stations and bus terminals make it a challenge to avoid fellow travelers who may be feeling those first tell-tale signs of a cold.

There's No Season Like Flu Season
 Flu is no fun and can be serious 
(Photo credit: Kathleen Kvilhaug)

Despite using good hygiene and cough etiquette: frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer, and coughing into a tissue or an elbow, we may find ourselves feeling a bit under the weather a week or two post travel.

Break out the cold remedies and boxes of tissues!

For the majority of us that is all it will be… a common cold… a pesky little virus that makes us feel congested in the head and chest, scratchy in the throat, and… you get the picture.

However, according to the CDC Weekly FluView report for the week ending December 6, 2014,  influenza activity continued to increase in the United States and is expected to increase further in the coming weeks. Influenza, better known as “The Flu”, can incapacitate an individual for several days and can be quite serious for some people.

You may be at higher risk of complications from influenza if you are a person with:

• asthma
• diabetes
• heart disease
• history of stroke
• cancer

Or fall into any of these three groups:

Adults 65 and older
Pregnant women
Children younger than 5, but especially children younger than 2 years old

It’s not too late for a Flu shot…

If you have not yet received your immunization with Flu Vaccine for the 2014-2015 influenza season it is not too late to do so. Most retail pharmacies still have Flu Vaccine on hand and are able to quickly administer the flu shot and bill your insurance for this vital health service.