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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 10:00 am

What is Medication Adherence?

Medication adherence is the phrase used by healthcare providers and pharmacists to describe how patients take their medication. 

When a patient is described as adherent, we understand that they take their medication exactly as prescribed. When we talk about medication non-adherence we are referring to the patient missing or incorrectly taking some of their doses. 

Most patients want to take their medication correctly and work hard at remembering to take their medication on time. However, despite all good intentions, as time marches on, adherence often begins to slip. Non-adherence becomes the pattern healthcare providers and pharmacists notice. There are many reasons for non-adherence: busy schedules, side effects, financial burdens, vacations, barriers in communication or understanding of the medication treatment plan, to name a few.
So, you may be wondering…in the big picture, does medication adherence really matter? Yes, it really does matter. This is why we developed AppaGrapha.

Next: I’ll share what we have learned and why medication adherence is so very important.